The goal of this site is to share how reading leads a person to discover & dispel false opinions & beliefs, and to replace them with the truth.

Richard shares his reading on a number of topics, including politics (sparingly), religion, and science. The main question Read to Death attempts to answer is whether there is sufficient, credible evidence the Christian God exists.

During sixty years as a Southern Baptist, Richard’s answer was an emphatic yes. His current answer is no. But, this radical change didn’t come quickly or easily. It was only after eight years of questioning what he’d for sixty years been told was true that Richard learned the Bible and Christianity isn’t built on solid ground, that in fact, they rest on unproved and unprovable premises. During these last eight years Richard has read, and read, and read. His discovery has been shocking: there’s overwhelming, credible evidence the Bible is just another man-made book, and the natural world is all there is.

Richard’s hope is that others, especially Southern Baptist fundamentalists, will garner the courage to question their beliefs, and take the position they currently do in concluding other religions, such as Islam, are false. He advises the adoption of the ‘read to death’ mindset to learn meritorious arguments that need serious consideration. In other words, Richard hopes others will be brave enough to ‘kick the tires,’ and ‘look under the hood’ of their religious worldview.

You might be surprised–even shocked–by what you find.

You just might find what you’ve been told all your life is merely an illusion.

Don’t worry. It’s easy for us humans to be fooled.

Look at this image. Which table is larger?

Answer. Neither. They’re the same size.

Not convinced? Watch this video.

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